Company Objectives


To promote, protect and maintain its image at all times.

To make sure that each employee provides quality products and offer excellentservice to all customers.

To make sure that all outlets are properly laid out, maintained and profitable.

To be the leader in our industry attained by a well-planned expansion through retail  outlets and wide product distribution.

To continuously generate awareness, interest and desire for our products resulting in  frequent / repeat purchases.

To establish Zagu as a highly regarded international brand name..

Company Image

Low key – the company projects a low profile image, by being modest in spite of its success and recognition.


Company Principles

Proper attitude is more important than skills.

Be open to Constructive Criticisms.

In life, there will always be problems.  It is a continuous learning process wherein we learn to constantly adjust.

The Company will not adjust to anybody because the company believes in protecting rather than sacrificing the welfare of the majority.

Mutual respect and understanding is expected from each one.

To make work easier for the employees.